Water Heaters

Water Heater Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Services in Toronto

How much do you love a hot shower in the morning or clean dishes from the dishwasher? And yet, there are a number of things that can go wrong with a water heater, including:

  • Insufficient or no hot water
  • Slow hot water recovery
  • Discharge from the relief valve
  • Pilot lights that won’t stay lit
  • Hot water that smells badly
  • Leaking water heaters
  • Hard water
  • Popping or banging noises coming from the water heater

Steady hot water is as essential to your home as any other utility and it’s very easy to take it for granted. After all, the thought of having hot water doesn’t occur to you as a potential problem until it’s no longer available.

Your home or office water heater is considered a major appliance. Like all major appliances, it requires regular care and proactive maintenance to ensure it runs properly and gives you a steady source of hot water. When you experience problems with your water heater, it’s important to remedy the problem quickly and the plumbing experts at Adrian Plumbing deliver timely, professional, water heater services including repairs, maintenance and new installations.

Efficient, Professional Water Heater Repairs

Water Heater Installation, Maintenance, and Repair ServicesWater heaters come in a variety of sizes and have a range of maintenance requirements. If the water heater in your home or office hasn’t been well maintained, we can help you get that water heater’s performance back on track.

We can also handle a complete installation of a new water heater if that’s called for, but often we can get your water heater repaired quickly and efficiently. Our team will always give you fair, up-front pricing. We’ll explain the problem and help you implement techniques to prevent a recurrence of those water heater problems.

Adrian Plumbing serves customers across the Greater Toronto Area including, Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Markham, North York and Scarborough.

Call Adrian Plumbing today at 416-880-1029 for your water heater maintenance or repair needs, or fill in this online form with your contact information and a brief description of the problems you are experiencing. We’ll give you a call shortly.