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Certified Toronto Plumbing

Why Hiring a Certified Toronto Plumber Makes the Difference

In Ontario, plumbing is a regulated trade in order to ensure that the plumbing practices are safe for the plumber and homeowner. The legislative body regulating Toronto plumbers is the Trades Qualification and Apprenticeship Act (1981), which says that it is only legal for an apprentice, a holder of a valid provisional certificate, or the holder of a valid license called a Certificate of Qualification (C of Q) to do the work of a plumber.

Essentially, a plumbing certification is compulsory in Toronto, so be careful not to hire a plumber who hasn’t met the certification requirements.


Certified Plumbers in Toronto Must meet Certain Requirements

Before a plumber in Toronto can receive government certification, they must complete training that covers a core set of competencies including:

  • Installing fixtures, equipment, and devices

  • Testing of newly installed and repaired plumbing systems

  • Performing rigging, hoisting, and activating of systems

  • Servicing and maintaining mechanical systems

  • Reading, interpreting, and maintaining drawings and specifications

  • Safety measures training

  • Communications training

  • Designing systems training

  • Proper planning and preparation for plumbing projects

  • Installing pipe, fittings, valves, and supports

Only after an apprentice plumber has demonstrated the skills and is able to pass the Certificate of Qualification exam, will they be a fully certified Toronto plumber.

Without this training and without earning the necessary skills, a plumber would be nothing more than an amateur and as a homeowner, you won’t have the protection you need to be sure your home and the plumbing systems in it are fully operational and reliable.

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